Thursday, July 18, 2013

My first review!

This is my first review. I have been uninspired to write one so far, but alas......I have one! And it is a gooder!!

I live in a small town, in BC, Canada called Cranbrook. And way back in February it was my birthday. (Yes, I am 29 again...) So my mister, my parents and I went out to dinner after spending the early evening at my Niece's birthday party!

We went to a restaurant here in town called Mr Mikes. Now, before I begin there are two things you must know.

1) I am an incredibly picky eater...and
2) My mom and I just started a new diet.

So needless to say, I had my doubts about going somewhere new. Boston Pizza was the first choice but when we arrived, it was FULL of drunk rowdy patrons enjoying the fight., dad and I all ended up ordering the same thing off the menu. Smuggler's Cove Chicken it was called. And it was ABSOLUTELY TO DIE FOR. Seriously! The chicken was perfect. The shrimp and scallops were perfect. The rice was DELISH and the veggies were seasoned with dill to perfection.

This will be my new favorite place to go out. And that will be my new favorite meal to order.

Everything from the atmosphere, to the food & the service was perfect. If you are ever in our sleepy little town or are a local, go and check it out if you have not yet!

You won't be disappointed!

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