Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July Clique Kit Share!

Happy Wednesday!!
I am back today to share a creation from the Clique Kits July kit.......A Midsummer Night's Dream!

This is the second kit that I have received now and I have to say....this one was just as good as the first! Remember how giddy and excited I was THEN?! Well, I am just as twitterpated with this kit too! It was loaded up with all kinds of fun papers and alphas and wooden thing-a-ma-jigs and embellies.....I have only had the chance to make one layout with it so far, and I have SO MUCH leftover stuff to play with! I plan on bringing the remainder of this one to the retreat with me next month and finishing it up for sure!

Now on to the Pep Rally...

If you haven't started from the beginning, head on back to Clique Kits and make your way through the entire member's share.........TRUST me there are some CRAZY talented ladies and you just HAVE to see what they have all done!! If you have arrived here from Rosann's blog, then you are already well on your way through the list!!

I had a hard time deciding on photos for this kit, as the Mister and I don't really travel (YET!!) and it was geared towards road trips, travelling, etc.....but alas, I decided to use a couple fun photos from Canada Day!! We spent the day out on the lake at Wabaman with Loni & Rob and the boys, and did we ever have a blast! We got the boat in the water at about 9:30AM and we came back out of the water at about 8:00PM! We road in the boat, did some tubing, swam, lazed about, had a few adult was an awesome day! At one point, Loni and I were sitting in the tube gabbing away, coolers in hand and the boat was dragging us along at about 45KM/Hour or so.........and we didn't miss a beat!!

#henparty #wecangabfordays

The best part of the day for me though, was watchin Mister D chill.........he even went in the tube!! A few times!! With the boys, with me and even solo!! So here he is in his tall dark drink of water glory, for you all to see....

I tried to get a couple of closeups of the layout too for you to see, but my lighting is really bad and I, in true me fashion, left my post to the last minute! So I will have to try and make up for it next month :) Because I am signed up for that kit too, and judging from the sneak peaks we have seen already, this one is going to be just as good as the others! I can't wait for my happy mail to arrive :-D

So, head on over now to visit Sarah and see what she has done with the kit! And don't forget to leave me a comment, cause I sure do love them :)

Peace out readers!! My son and I are off to BC tomorrow to visit the fam-damily and celebrate THREE birthdays this weekend, so I shall return next week with some new photos of all my patooties back home and maybe some good news on the JOB FRONT too!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Lights. Camera. DATE NIGHT!!!


The Mister and I had a date night the other night and treated ourselves to burgers at was the first time we have been there! And I have to say, the food was very mediocre. Neither one of us was very impressed, (except for with the decor! It was a fun and friendly 50's diner kinda vibe...) but the food was expensive, and not very tasty. I am pretty sure the gravy on my poutine resembled that which would come from a can. Yes, CANNED gravy. WHAT?!?!

After dinner we headed to the theater where we saw "Tammy" which was pretty funny. And raunchy. And sailor-mouth+trucker-mouth cussin. We enjoyed our popcorn, our reclining seats & many good laughs. The theater was close to empty to since we opted for the LATE LATE show and it was a Wednesday night.

If you haven't seen a preveiw for this one yet, here it is for your virgin ears to enjoy ;)

We give it two thumbs up. (OK, since there is two of us we will say EACH, so you don't think we are giving it a 2/4.)

Now if only the popcorn had been HOT.....

I have to say I am loving hubby's hometime now :) It's awesome to have him home and to myself for 7 glorious days! The 24 days away SUCKS. But those 7 are ALMOST worth it ;)

Peace Out readers! If there are any out there.

Hey, leave me a comment, would ya?!


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Friday, July 18, 2014

What a week!

It's been one hell-uva-week round here this week! I had three.........yes, I said THREE job interviews this week. One that I am on pins and needles waiting to see if I get will be amazing, if I do! I heard from them today and found out that they are proceeding with reference checks, so that must mean that I am in the running! I almost squealed out loud when I heard her voicemail!

Hubs ended up coming home last Sunday, and since I wasn't expecting him until Aug 1 or 2 it was quite the surprise! Sounds like he will be heading back into camp this Sunday though, for about 24 days. Hate saying goodbye for so long! This oilfield wife thing is hard to get used to! But I love knowing that he is in camp, with a comfy bed, a shower, hot meals, etc. and not on some scary highway somewhere battling the elements :)

We added a new addition to our family this week as well. I have been searching for an orange and white kitty for a coon's age, but was determined to find a girl! And they are rare, in that color......but alas, I have found HER!! And she is sweet and wonderful :) And already SO spoiled! Here she is, for your viewing pleasure...

Meet Naula!!

The one where she has her legs in the air?! No joke.....she was sleeping curled up behind one of the throw pillows on the couch and I lifted the pillow up and saw her snoozing away like that......I'm pretty sure at that exact moment my heart bursted out of my chest and I giggled like a little school girl! And the tongue picture.......with the milk god.
She needs a licence to be THAT cute!! ♥

It's Friday. I love Fridays. Not that I am a Mon-Fri girl right now, but still........
adult bevvie........CHECK!........

I plan to play along with some challenges tonight, and get some mojo back. I learned about a DT posting this afternoon that I am secretly hoping to apply for, but I need to get creating first! My poor neglected scrap room..........all "WORK" projects are packed up for the evening and tonight I plan on playing just for fun! Which I haven't done in a looooooooong time!

So come on back and check me out in awhile, and I hope to have some creations to share! Off to get my hands inky now.......what are you up to this fine Friday evening? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Ciao, but only for now........

~*~ The broad who wants to blog...........and is failing miserably at it ;) ~*~

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I'm in the CLIQUE!!!! :-D

I am sooooo excited to be a part of the Clique!! Their monthly kits are INCREDIBLE! I just played with my first one and I am seriously swooning! I can't wait to see the kit next month....this one was just LOADED with goodies, some I haven't even had the chance to play with yet! Sequins, for one........and though they are time consuming......I absolutely LOVE the look!! And wooden veneers...........WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?!

The papers we got are from Heidi Swapp's "Favorite Things" line and they are so bright, colorful and SCREAM SUMMER!!! The embellishments were jam packed too, sequins, veneers, stickers and alphas, die cuts, ribbon, twine, FLAIR, buttons........and I am sure there was more I am forgetting about right now! HAHA!

I decided to play along with the Blog Share this month, as I have been in a creative slump lately........I haven't made anything except ORDERS for months now, so it was awesome to pull out a fun photo of one of my favorite #scrapsubjects and I and PLAY!!

Make sure you take a run through all the talented ladies blogs and check out their projects's fun to see how we all used the kit goodies! If you have arrived here from Tyra's blog then you are already on your way through the tour, but if not head on back to Clique Kits and start at the will be glad you did, trust me!! I will post the list here for you in case you get lost, but next you should be on your way to see Cassandra!

Here is the layout that I made for this, featuring my niece Halle & I. She told me the last time I was there to visit....."Aunty, let's take some selfies!!!" SHE JUST TURNED 7!! So I was kinda floored to hear her use that word.......LOL! But, we had some giggles taking selfies and I got to capture that memory with one of my favorite shorties :) ♥♥♥


Click Kits
Tess ---->>>YOU ARE HERE!

See you next month for the Kit Hop!! (But please come back to see me before then......I hope to start getting more crafty now, I promise :-D

Ciao for now!

♥ The broad who wants to blog.........about EVERYTHING!!

Friday, May 9, 2014


I have been really busy working on wedding invitations and mini albums and haven't had a chance to make many cards lately, but I have a lady looking for a couple of Vintage/Shabby Chic cards for Mother's Day, and have welcomed the change! Here are a couple that I have made for her to view, one was inspired by a card I saw on Pinterest and the other based on Sketch Number 1 posted over at Freshly Made Sketches

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Other Woman...

Tonight was date night again, with my friend Mel.......the first one in a LOOOONG time! And we hit up the theater to take in "The Other Woman" with Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton....affectionately called "THE BOOBS" :)

This movie was hilarious. I could not stop laughing and had to contain myself so I wasn't actually snorting in the theater. I loved it...and the company was just as good as I remember!

The evening got off to a funny st art, when we couldn't believe how deserted the theater was! I was there first, and was LITERALLY the only person standing in the imagine my relief when Mel texted me and said she was there...PHEW!

We couldn't help but snap some pictures of the empty lobby, each other standing in an empty movie theater and chuckling over the ticket dude telling us that a total of 14 people had been in the theater all day, making us numbers 15 & 16. Mel got at a funny shot of my zombie eyes and all in all, it was a great giggly girl's night!

To quote Mel...."There were parts where I was thinking, "this movie isn't really that funny", and then parts when I had to put my whole fist in my mouth to stop from snorting..."

This one was a great one, so go and see it in the theater while you can! And let me know what you think of it! Even the previews were great! There are some good movies coming our way peeps!

This broad gives this one, THREE thumbs up :)

~*~The broad who wants to blog........about EVERYTHING!~*~

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Number 7 Mister D....

Today the Mister and I celebrate 7 years of wedded bliss. Mostly ;)

Love ya Mister D.......

most days :)

Guess I better make ya somethin' :-D

Happy (Belated) Easter!

The Mister and I and the Junior headed off to BC Wednesday to see my famdamily for the long weekend....long drive for a short visit! Mister & I had to return yesterday but the Junior is there until Friday. When he will drive home. From BC. Through the mountains. On the highway. ALONE. *Sigh* This mama is having a hard time dealing with this fact....

Had to pull out the trusty iphone to snap some secret photos of his very first highway trek though, and other than hogging the "hammer lane" he did really good! He even took the lead by the time we were at the last highway bend before town :)

Trying to be all poetic showing him in my side view mirror...

And of course he was MUCH too cool to actually smile for his mama, so he had to pretend he wasn't looking at the's OK buddy, I see you too :)

Mister Cool Guy...

Handling those windy roads like a PRO!

Sick of being the caboose I guess...


I survived his first road trip. But it was easy seeing him behind me the whole way......Friday will be a different story :)

Happy Easter Ya'll!
Hope ya had a blast with yours too :)

~*~The Broad who wants to blog......about EVERYTHING!!~*~

My little helper...

I love my crafty cats. Honestly! I do! And I love that they love to come and "help" me in my craft room! Take a look at what I am talking about.....she is OH-SO-HELPFUL! Allllllllll day long.....


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Look out world...

My son has his own wheels. YIKES. It's scary for a mom to let go and let this natural step happen.....and I am definitely struggling! In 2 short weeks he plans on driving to BC to see our family, on his own and I am a basket-case over it! It's weird, because at his age I was driving all over the country side, with my BABY in the back seat and fully capable. And I know that he is capable as well, but...........I am nervous as heck!!

It was a happy day for him though, I haven't seen him smile so big in quite some time! And it felt good helping him get his first wheels too.

He is a good driver. And I trust him. I just wish he was still little I guess. Life sure flies by, and the last year two years have been crazy! He is 19 in two weeks......

Isn't he handsome though :) He is a work out fiend! The picture doesn't really do any justice to his muscles, he is HUGE. Built like a brick-shit-house.

Do you see what I see??

There is a critter in my craft room...

Allsorts #253....

I'm trying to get some inventory made up for a craft sale I am doing next weekend, and decided to turn to some challenges for some help! The first one I did was the challenge over at
Allsorts Challenge Blog.

They are challenging us to make a card with NO flowers. None on the paper, none on the image.....ZERO flowers anywhere! So naturally I went for a masculine card. This one is very simple, but most of my masculine cards are. I still struggle with them! Nonetheless, here it is...

Hubs and I are off to a matinee now, we are going to go and see Labor Day. But I will be back later with some more creations, I hope :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Color Throwdown #285...

Happy Spring extended winter to one and all! Here in Alberta, it is snowing today....and it's not supposed to let up until tomorrow! YAY FOR SPRING!

But, the weather makes it a perfect day to bury myself in my craft room and listen to some tunes! I went on the hunt for a challenge to complete and found the color challenge over at Color Throw Down....knew right away what kind of card I wanted to make! Combined with a sketch I found on Pinterest, here is my card!

YAY! I created something finally! LOL! Off to make something else :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dropped off the face of the Earth, AGAIN!

Hello all....I'm still here. The last six weeks or so have been something else, let me tell ya! Mister D has started a new job, and his apprenticeship has come to an end. The place he was working started to run out of work in a big way, paycheques were bouncing, equipment was being sold and he had to jump ship. He is now back to driving, but locally....what a change for us! It has take some time getting used to having him around every day.....and I LOVE it :)

I finally got some answers to the abdominal pain I have been having for quite awhile, when I started to see a lump protruding from my belly button. Turns out, this girl had not one, but TWO hernias and needed to have them surgically repaired........and then, in true me fashion, (can never do things the easy way!) I had a pretty nasty post-op infection as well. Took 4 different antibiotics before they found one that worked, and stopped it from spreading. It's finally nearly gone away now and I am finally on the mend, but it's been a long process!

I hope to get back to work next week, but I see the surgeon for a follow up on Monday and we will go from there. I am getting bored sitting at home though, daytime TV does NOTHING for me. About the only thing I enjoy watching is Ellen. Or those renovation shows. The last couple of days I have felt WAY better, so I know I am on the mend.

My son is going through a weird phase and I don't know how to help him. He is very unmotivated and think life sucks right now. His hours have been cut where he was working, and he doesn't even make enough to pay his rent and bills now, never mind save for his car. He is depressed that he doesn't have a car yet and wants to get a "REAL" job but most of them require a non restricted class 5 license and reliable vehicle. (He is still on his GDL for awhile...) Our vehicles are both 5 speeds and he doesn't know how to drive them......but won't come around enough that I can show him. He is just down in the dumps. I'm trying to gently nudge him and offer advice but he doesn't really want to hear it right now. It's hard! How do you motivate a 19 year old young man and get him through this "FUNK"? Feel free to leave me some advice if you have any...

Anyway, I am off to enjoy my tea, play some Royal Story and head into my craft room........with any luck I will have something to show off in a couple of hours :)

Over and out......for now!

~*~The Broad who wants to blog......about EVERYTHING~*~

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

American Idol Review......Top 13

I am an Idol fanatic. I love to watch the show, review the show, make my predictions and follow the performers through their journey. But this year......I am confused. I don't understand why they are Fast Tracking it the way they are! Because of all the weird changes this year I have decided to start at this point...

Must start with Keith. The judges. I am a HUGE fan of Keith. This lineup. Errrr.....well, Keith anyway. I've said it before so sorry if I sound redundant, but J.Lo is just TOO nice. There is no fireworks or drama. Just unicorns fluffing rainbows. And albeit, we all enjoy a good warm fuzzy.....Rainbow Fluffing Unicorns = BORING. Mr. Connick Jr. brings a little sass.....a few laughs.....but mostly just something pretty to look at. (Though the fact that some people have no idea who he is cracks me up....

I know that I am a few episodes behind, (I will explain why later!) but I am just bout to hit play on my PVR and reveal the top 13. Along with my opinions. And predictions. We shall see.

So, without further ado.........THIS is One Broad's Blog..........and THIS is her Idol review.

Majesty Rose
Caleb Johnson
Kristen O'Conner
C.J. Harris
Briana Oakley
Emmanual Zidor
Jena Irene
Sam Woolf
Bria Anai
George Lovett
Marrialle Sellars
Dexter Roberts
Jessica Meuse
Alex Preston
Emily Piriz
Malcolm Allen
MK Nobilette
Ben Briley
Malaya Watson
Spencer Lloyd....

have made the top 20. And now we will see who America has put through to the top 10.

Top 5 Girls...
Malaya Watson
Emily Piriz
Jessica Meuse
Majesty Rose
MK Nobilette

Top 5 Guys...
Ben Briley
Alex Preston
Dexter Roberts
Caleb Johnson
Sam Woolf

Good choices. I am glad to see that mister "OK singer, but has the look" is not there. That really got my blood boiling when I heard the judges say that about Spencer Lloyd. This is American IDOL. Not America's next top model....and I for one am an unhappy Idol fan that he has come this far, based on his looks.

*RANT OVER* (for now)

I think my number one top pick so far is Jessica Meuse. But I am also a fan of Alex Preston, Dexter Roberts & Caleb Johnson. I am all about the rockers this year :) But lets see if anyone changes my mind!

Let's get on with the first performance of the night! The judges now have 3 wild cards to put through, rounding off the top 13.

First up is...

C.J. Harris...
Meh. Lots of flat, lots of sharp, little to no emotion. Clearly America loves him though.....but if it were up to me, I would say Farewell C.J.

Next up to sing...

Jena Irene...
The sudden start of waving hands in the background made me laugh. But wow, she is awesome tonight! Great song choice, lots of big notes......hope she goes through after that! Nice sing Jena, not Jenna!

Third to perform tonight...

Spencer Lloyd. Boo. Hiss. Fast forward. Next...

Bria Anai...
And she sings the most over-sung song of the show.....I swear we hear this song at least once every single season. And she does NOT sing it well. Way to big for her. I say No to Bria. Seriously, my cat meowed at her last note. That can't be good.

Final singer tonight, singing for their life...

Kristen O'Conner...
A little rough around the edges, but at least she brought something. I like her voice but I don't think this was the right song...we shall see.

Of the choices, I would put the Jena, Kristen & C.J. PLEASE don't put Spencer through judges...I will not watch the rest of the season if you do.

Yahoooooo! They listened ;) Loved the little "K.O." joke by Harry. See.....funny.

Over and out for this episode, sorry it was so long......but it's my blog and I'll blab if I want to ;)


~*~The Broad who wants to Blog, about EVERYTHING!~*~


You're welcome :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Viva La Verve....

For some reason, saying that over and over makes me think of Vegas. I suppose they hear that a lot....

Anyway, I spent some time in my craft room tonight and managed to do ONE challenge.......not quite as productive as I was hoping but my mojo is slowly coming back :)

I played along with the week 3 sketch posted over at Verve Stamps and this is my final card! I {HEART} this one a lot........I don't know if it will ever leave me.

I am not sure yet if I will be doing another one tonight, I am getting awfully sleepy. Or I want to go back to playing the Sims. 1 or the other :)

Thanks for popping by!

~*~ The Broad who wants to Blog........about EVERYTHING!!~*~

Happy New Year!

Hi friends! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas while I am at it! Boy, am I late on that one, 'eh? ----->>>> and in case you had any doubt that I was Canadian until now, that pretty much just summed it up for you!

Life has changed for us again. Never a dull moment in the Davis world :) We have moved into our own place again now, in the city. I am working full time as a Safety Admin at a local company and Mister D is about 1/3 of the way through his apprenticeship hours already. At this rate he will be going to school in April and a Journeyman by May! Pretty exciting for us :)

We found a great deal on a nice little townhouse in the north end, not too far from where we lived when we were here before. It's cute, cozy and nicely updated. And the rent is cheap. (Well, cheap for the city anyway!)

We bought a second vehicle, it became necessary once I started working, and we are both in opposite ends of the city. It's just a little Tiburon, great on gas and makes Mister D feel "young again" :)

Our fur babies are finally home with us now too, Kiki has grown lots and is probably the sweetest bratiest kitten I have had yet. She needs to help. With everything. And be on the counter. ALL THE TIME. Dee is still my big fat black cat, who loves to sit in my craft room with me and snuggle all the time. I love our fur brats :)

I am so excited that Idol has begun again!! I can't wait to follow this season and plan to blog about it along the way.....we'll see how it goes. I don't generally start reviewing and posting until we get down to the live shows, so for now I shall enjoy the auditions and drool over Keith. Who is here playing tonight. And I am at home blogging. *SIGH*

Anyway, that's an update for now. I hope I still have some readers left out there! I am off to craft :)

~*~ The Broad who wants to Blog about......EVERYTHING!~*~