Friday, September 15, 2017

2 Sisters on the Blog...

So, my crafty buddy Heather just introduced me to the MACH DADDY of challenge lists this morning! Have you ever been to check out Paper Playful? This blog has about a gazillion challenges listed! In fact, a gazillion and one! I counted! HAHA! But I paid them a visit this morning and found my first challenge of the weekend :)

First though, I feel the need to show you a little before and after.....check out my space when I was done setting up last night.....

VS. my space after I was done making my first card....

I love the chaos! HAHAHA!

Anyway, I found my first challenge for the weekend and it was actually a perfect fit for me, as it involved PURPLE. And we all know what a fan of purple I am! HAHA!

So, challenge number one for me can be found over at 2 Sisters on the Blog and is a BINGO challenge! I love these types, that get you mixing and matching different "ingredients" on your projects! My bingo line is pretty! So me!!!

If I could change anything about this card, I wish I had thought to emboss the centre strip before gluing the ribbon on! But, alas, I did not.....and that is my finished card and entry to this challenge! Also shout out to My Favorite Things for the sketchy inspiration as well! (MFTWSC50)

Cheers to being productive! (So unlike me! LOL!)


Scrap Camp 2017

Happy Friday! I am coming to you live from my annual scrapbook retreat......A.K.A. Scrapcamp! It's been awhile since I pulled out any of my scrap stuff, who is surprised?! In fact, I am pretty sure the last time was when I was sitting here last year.....LOL!

Anyway, I am here with my roomies, Loni (A.K.A. Chica) and Heather and am ready to rock! I am hell bent to be productive this year!!

I am starting with cards this year, and plan on doing a few layouts as well, for the second edition of my Aunt's scrapbook album collection.

Challenge number one is coming up so stay tuned! And drop me a comment if you are still there too :)

Friday, December 23, 2016

Last minute Sally...

Hey all! Remember me?! It's been awhile...

Who else is NOT ready for Christmas this year?! It's officially Christmas Eve now that the clock has struck midnight and I haven't finished shopping......and I haven't even STARTED wrapping........and I am STILL working on my Aunt's scrapbook album!

So typical for me, right?! 

I am not even going to embarrass myself by admitting how many pages I have done.....let's just say that I probably won't sleep until after Christmas dinner, at this rate!

Nonetheless, I wanted to show you the double page layout I finished tonight. It's been awhile since I have tried to tap into my creative juices, so I had to find a challenge or two to play along with! 

So, I got hunting around and found the "Whip It Up" challenge, over at The ScrapRoom and decided to play along! I also used a great sketch I found on Pinterest, making a couple of changes so I could convert it to a double page layout.

The Whip It Up challenge asked us to use gold embellishments....and one would THING that would be simple enough but much to my dismay, once I got to work I quickly realised I had very few gold choices. LOL!

I am happy with the outcome though. Let me know what you think!
(As always, sorry for the poor quality photos.....HAHAHA!)

These photos are so cool! I don't know if you can READ any of the stuff on my layout, but this was Christmas 1973 for my Aunt & Uncle! I am loving seeing all these old pictures and watching their story progress...

Anyway, I best go start the next page! I will not be satisfied unless I get at LEAST 7 more layouts done. 


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Monday, July 11, 2016

It's Monday! Time for another #TGDLP Challenge!

Hi all! It's MONDAY again already! And that means it's time for another challenge from 

I hope you will come over and check it out and join us! We have a fantastic RAK up for grabs this month and every challenge you complete gets you an entry!

You also have all month to complete the challenges too :) If you decide to play along with us just link up your creations with the InLinkz tool on each post!

Happy Monday!

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Great Digi-Lift Project......Week ONE!

Week one already for us, over at The Great Digi-Lift Progect and we are excited to kick things off!

I was inspired to lift the layout itself and LOVED the colors, design, clusters, mixed papers.....EVERYTHING! Come on by and check out our inspiration this week!

Here is the layout I created for this one! 
(My photos are HORRIBLE! I am sorry for that, I couldn't get my lighting right this morning!)

We will be posting new inspiration every Monday on the blog, so I hope you will come and join us! We will have RAK's as well, until we find sponsors :)

It felt good to play again and get my hands dirty! I really hope that my creative juices come back for good and I can get back to my love affair with paper....HAHA!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

A new project!!

It's no secret I have been missing my mojo for awhile now. So, in an effort to find it again and make it STAY this time, I have started my own challenge blog site!

I am so excited to kick it off and have 2 great ladies on my DT for the first term! There are going to be challenges posted every Monday and the idea is to re-create ("LIFT") digital layouts, with paper and dimension. 

Let me introduce you to The Great Digi-Lift Project! I hope you will come and join us! Can't wait to see your creations :)

Sunday, June 12, 2016

So many changes...

We have moved. AGAIN. Is ANYONE surprised?! It seems like everytime I finally come to blog, it's to tell you we have moved. *SIGH*

And I wish that I could tell you that we are staying put for awhile.....but we are not. We are looking for a house to rent that has a basement suite, for my son and his g/f.

(There is a very good reason for this change, but it is one that I am not ready to reveal just yet :)

We downsized this time. BIG time. We moved from a 5 bedroom house into a very small 2 bedroom fourplex. We are in the basement and the place is in a very small town. (Smaller than you are is one of those gas station, mom & pop grocery store, liquor store and a bar kinda towns...but the rent is cheap!)

Mister D is off working in Ft. Mac, starting his second year mobile crane apprenticeship. He is so happy and excited. I am thrilled for him and can't wait to hear all about his "lifts" when he gets home after this hitch!

I am keeping busy with my home business and love it. Our annual convention is coming up soon and we are off to St. Louis this year! I went last year as well, with one of the gals from my team, (who is also my BFF!) and we DROVE to Chicago. From Edmonton, Alberta. It was quite the road trip! This year, we will fly though!

I am also slowly getting back to crafting and getting my hands dirty again. I miss my mojo and wish that it would come back full force! It's getting there though....I even joined a couple of swaps recently and am starting up my own challenge blog!

Speaking of which, I am looking for DT's for my first term! If you are interested, come and check it out! I am hoping to launch it July 4th!

We have a new fur baby! Her name is Zoe and she is a sweetheart! I mean shithead. LOL! She is trouble.....but luckily she has more sweet moments than naughty ones! That completes our fur baby collection, for now! We have 4......Naula, Molly, Blake and Zoe.

That's about all I have to report for now! I will be back. 
Hopefully on a more regular basis ;)

Peace out, readers!

~*~The Broad who wants to Blog......about EVERYTHING!~*~