Sunday, July 20, 2014


Lights. Camera. DATE NIGHT!!!


The Mister and I had a date night the other night and treated ourselves to burgers at was the first time we have been there! And I have to say, the food was very mediocre. Neither one of us was very impressed, (except for with the decor! It was a fun and friendly 50's diner kinda vibe...) but the food was expensive, and not very tasty. I am pretty sure the gravy on my poutine resembled that which would come from a can. Yes, CANNED gravy. WHAT?!?!

After dinner we headed to the theater where we saw "Tammy" which was pretty funny. And raunchy. And sailor-mouth+trucker-mouth cussin. We enjoyed our popcorn, our reclining seats & many good laughs. The theater was close to empty to since we opted for the LATE LATE show and it was a Wednesday night.

If you haven't seen a preveiw for this one yet, here it is for your virgin ears to enjoy ;)

We give it two thumbs up. (OK, since there is two of us we will say EACH, so you don't think we are giving it a 2/4.)

Now if only the popcorn had been HOT.....

I have to say I am loving hubby's hometime now :) It's awesome to have him home and to myself for 7 glorious days! The 24 days away SUCKS. But those 7 are ALMOST worth it ;)

Peace Out readers! If there are any out there.

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