Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dropped off the face of the Earth, AGAIN!

Hello all....I'm still here. The last six weeks or so have been something else, let me tell ya! Mister D has started a new job, and his apprenticeship has come to an end. The place he was working started to run out of work in a big way, paycheques were bouncing, equipment was being sold and he had to jump ship. He is now back to driving, but locally....what a change for us! It has take some time getting used to having him around every day.....and I LOVE it :)

I finally got some answers to the abdominal pain I have been having for quite awhile, when I started to see a lump protruding from my belly button. Turns out, this girl had not one, but TWO hernias and needed to have them surgically repaired........and then, in true me fashion, (can never do things the easy way!) I had a pretty nasty post-op infection as well. Took 4 different antibiotics before they found one that worked, and stopped it from spreading. It's finally nearly gone away now and I am finally on the mend, but it's been a long process!

I hope to get back to work next week, but I see the surgeon for a follow up on Monday and we will go from there. I am getting bored sitting at home though, daytime TV does NOTHING for me. About the only thing I enjoy watching is Ellen. Or those renovation shows. The last couple of days I have felt WAY better, so I know I am on the mend.

My son is going through a weird phase and I don't know how to help him. He is very unmotivated and think life sucks right now. His hours have been cut where he was working, and he doesn't even make enough to pay his rent and bills now, never mind save for his car. He is depressed that he doesn't have a car yet and wants to get a "REAL" job but most of them require a non restricted class 5 license and reliable vehicle. (He is still on his GDL for awhile...) Our vehicles are both 5 speeds and he doesn't know how to drive them......but won't come around enough that I can show him. He is just down in the dumps. I'm trying to gently nudge him and offer advice but he doesn't really want to hear it right now. It's hard! How do you motivate a 19 year old young man and get him through this "FUNK"? Feel free to leave me some advice if you have any...

Anyway, I am off to enjoy my tea, play some Royal Story and head into my craft room........with any luck I will have something to show off in a couple of hours :)

Over and out......for now!

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  1. hi tess. thanks much for stopping by for a visit. WOW! you have been one hell of a ride. i'll be praying that things find the smooth road and gets to look clean and easy! you certainly sound like you are very strong! good!

    hope to see you again soon.

    hugs :)

  2. Ugh so not fun about the hernia's- glad they were able to get taken care of. Hope things calm down for ya. Glad your husband is able to be around more now, that would be nice.


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