Saturday, April 5, 2014

Look out world...

My son has his own wheels. YIKES. It's scary for a mom to let go and let this natural step happen.....and I am definitely struggling! In 2 short weeks he plans on driving to BC to see our family, on his own and I am a basket-case over it! It's weird, because at his age I was driving all over the country side, with my BABY in the back seat and fully capable. And I know that he is capable as well, but...........I am nervous as heck!!

It was a happy day for him though, I haven't seen him smile so big in quite some time! And it felt good helping him get his first wheels too.

He is a good driver. And I trust him. I just wish he was still little I guess. Life sure flies by, and the last year two years have been crazy! He is 19 in two weeks......

Isn't he handsome though :) He is a work out fiend! The picture doesn't really do any justice to his muscles, he is HUGE. Built like a brick-shit-house.

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