Sunday, January 17, 2016


You know me. Total challenge junkie! Or, at least I used to be. Lately......I don't show my paper much love though to be honest! My husband has even taken to teasing me about it.

Tonight, while just starting date night, Heather sent me a message asking me what I was up to this evening. I told her not to much and she asked me if I felt like crafting. I told her sure! Then instantly felt like I ditched Mister D. (Not that we had a crazy date night planned at all, we had out butts planted on the couch for a Netflix & Chill evening.)

Me: Honey, do you mind if I craft for awhile with Heather later, after she gets the kids down?
MisterD: No, go ahead.
Me: Awwww, I feel like I am ditching you!
MisterD: Are you kidding me?! Just go use THAT room for $^#&*$(%'s sakes!
Me: *sheepish blushing* I use that room.....(in a voice barely above a whisper...
MisterD: Yeah right! *ROLLS HIS EYES*

So, I sent a message on Facebook to an old crafting friend who I always find inspirational, got the links to some of the sites she likes to take part in, found a challenge on one of them and was DONE. I LOVE the concept of this challenge and I just HAD to play! Heather decided to adapt hers to a card and I did a layout. FINALLY.

Head on over to The Scraproom Blog and check out their Freaky Fast Friday challenge.......I have never seen a challenge like it! I will be playing with them from now on. When I scrap. More often. For sure. *AHEM*

So, here you have it! My layout! It has been WAY too long, I know. And hopefully I will start posting more often. I kinda fell in love with my cameo tonight, so that might keep me going for awhile ;)

This is another page for an album I started making for my mom about 4 years ago and have STILL yet to fill up. *hangs her headin shame...*

That's me, with the pig tails, one of my little brothers and my little sister. Let me know what you think!

And here is a close up so you can see a bit of detail.....I cut the siblings title out with my Cam and as you can see I got glue EVERYWHERE! I will be going to find a solution for that tomorrow, cause I am really disappointed that happened. And I am in love with my Cam. So I know I will be playing more.

Alright! That's it that's all, for now! Let me know what you think..........if there is anyone out there still! And I am off to go and see Heather's card on her blog! I can't remember the last time I visited her blog, (or ANY blog, for that matter!) honestly! *SHAME SHAME*!

Peace out, readers!

~*~ The Broad who wants to blog..........about everything*~*~
(and is failing miserably!)


  1. Tess what an awesome job with the Freaky fast Formula! I am so happy you were able to find inspiration to scrap by visiting The ScrapRoom and I hope you get a chance to play along with us some more. Make sure you check out our January "Be Our Guest" challenge also. Thank you for sharing your layout with us!

  2. Thank you so much for playing along with The ScrapRoom! Your layout is gorgeous!!! :)

  3. Fab layout! I used to be a challenge junkie too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Glad you are back in the saddle and getting some scrapping done! If you are up for more challenges, you can join me at :)


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