Friday, September 25, 2015

Remember Me?!

It's been over a year. Wow. I am really bad at this BLOGGING thing! Like......REALLY bad! And to be honest, I have been really bad at crafting too! I have been pretty consumed as of late, but much less enjoyable things..........and some enjoyable things too :)

Let's see.

Last summer I landed myself a pretty sweet job. Loved it. Worked my ass off. 60+ hours a week. For a year. July, I went on holidays finally. Went with the Mister up to the NWT (first time ever, what an experience that was!!) and then drove to Chicago, with a friend of mine, and fellow LASH LADY, for our yearly Younique Convention. WHAT A HOOT!!!

Fast forward, roughly 6,000 KMS (just from the CHICAGO TRIP!!) and I "retired" from my corp job and have jumped in full time with Younique. And re-opened my online Consignment Shop. And am getting back into my studio to get my hands dirty.

Long LONG story short, I have decided that my big fat paycheques were not worth busting my ass over and that I am going to achieve them in due time, with my own business. And deal with some health issues. But most importantly, try and get happy again and put back some of the things in my life that I LOVE and have missed.

Which brings me to my blog. Wonder how long I will keep at it this time?! HA!

~*~The Broad who wants to blog...........about EVERYTHING~*~

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  1. oh geez I had my thing all typed out and it disappeared! Thanks for stopping by my blog and it's nice to see you back! I too have considerably slowed down my craftiness and do the project life style scrapping now but in a monthly version. I love seeing what happened each month and it's easy. haha!


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