Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New BLING :)

When my husband and I went to Vegas back in April, my beloved wedding ring was lost. I swelled up pretty bad on the plane and took it off, and the Mister insisted on putting it somewhere for safe keeping. He suggested his pocket, I suggested the inside pocket of my purse that has a zipper...........and he went with his pocket. Said ring was never to be seen again.

And I have been walking around with a very naked finger since! It's weird how imcomplete one feels without that precious piece of jewelery on every single day.

But alas, my finger is fully clothed again :) At first I started to look at styles that closely resembled my original ring but in the end chose something that was very different. I will forever miss my "I DO" band but I am completely smitten with my new one :)

There she is, in all her glory!! Ain't she purdy?!

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