Saturday, September 14, 2013

Finally a CARD!!

We are finally all settled in......AGAIN. Here is hoping we don't have to move again for at least a year!! I am so tired of moving!!! But we are all settled and I finally had some time to play in my craft room!

This one actually was a custom order, a local friend of mine wanted a card for a wedding her and her hubby are off to this weekend. She wanted me to use the invitation somehow, like I did last time for her.........and their colors, blue & yellow.

At first I was un-inspired......I only had one "image" to work with from the invite, and blue & yellow scare me together!

BUT.........I pulled it off.....and it's actually a beauty! I love how this one turned out :)

Today is Saturday and I plan to spend the whole day in my room.........I have SO many projects to catch up on and some planning to do for the retreat I leave for on THURSDAY!!! EEEEEK!!!

Off to get my hands dirty!!

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