Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Empty Nest Syndrome....

Aaaaaaah, where have the last few months gone?! Who the heck knows.......these days it seems I blink and I miss a week. Month. Must be old age kicking in.

Speaking of old age......

in just 3 short sleeps, my precious, handsome baby boy is graduating high school. BAM. Just like that. It's so cliche to say, but as I sit here, 3 nights before graduation day, at 1:30 - something in the morning - it really feels like life has just passed us by! In a blink! Next thing I know we will be planning his wedding and I will be a grandmother and I will be a Granny. Granny T. Aaaaah. Actually, that sounds fun :) But later. Much later.

Anyway.......even though it is already pretty empty, I think that empty nest syndrome has officially set in for real. I thought it had started a couple of years ago, but boy was I wrong. And let me tell's WILD. In a span of about 30 seconds, this broad can go from bawling hysterically to laughing maniacally. And every emotion in between along the way.

I go from planning and dreaming about travelling the world with my Mister, to packing boxes frantically INSISTING we will follow the Boy wherever he shall go.

I bask in the glory of my "freedom" one minute.........and long for the days he was a baby attached to my hip all at the same time.

My poor Mister thinks I have lost it finally, I swear. That I am certain of. And rightfully so, I suppose.

As I head up to lay my head down to try and sleep tonight, I know that I will be tossing and turning and wondering WHAT NEXT.

And probably about a chicken fajita sandwich. Since I didn't eat dinner. Just realized that! HA!

Peeps, it is now 2:00 - something - and I must make one with my pillow. And cry. While laughing. Until I drift away....

Peace Out!

~The Broad Who Wants to Blog about.......everything...

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