Monday, February 25, 2013

It's funny how things catch on....

I am an iPhone junkie. I will admit it. I finally got my first iPhone (the 4) in August of 2011. Fast forward to Christmas Day fabulous Mister dropped my beloved iPhone in the kitchen sink. Boxing Day 2012 I became the proud new owner of the iPhone 5. And I love it just as much even more than the 4!

And I am an app junkie too. I have many on my phone, games, social media, games, exercise/diet apps, games, photography apps, games..........just to name a few.

But isn't it funny how a new app takes off? Recently I was on Facebook and I saw a friend post a photo. The photo had 4 pictures in it and some letters all scrambled up and lines that looked like they should hold a word. She was asking for help, to "solve this one!"

This was the first time I had seen this app. And I immediately went to the App store to download it. There was no way in heck a new app would come out, (ESPECIALLY A GAME!!) and I not check it out!! I downloaded it, got sucked in, played through to about round 113 or so. And now, not even one week later, EVERY TIME I go onto Facebook SOMEONE is posting about this game!!! It's truly gone viral. At least on my Facebook wall! Maybe all my friends are gamers like me. :)

Do you have it yet? Just in case you don't and have absolutely NO idea what I am talking about it is called

"4 Pics 1 Word"

Yes, that is right my fellow game addicts. Run to your iPhones and get downloading! It's a gooder!

Even the mister plays it. On his iPhone 4. That was mine and dropped in the sink. iPhone kind of RULES, doesn't it?! That sucker was FULLY submerged in the water for about 2 minutes before either of us realized what had happened. And it is in perfect condition now and the hubs has his very own iPhone.

And 4 Pics 1 Word too.

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