Friday, December 6, 2013

Another update....

Time for another update! It is a freezing cold day here in Alberta, with the windchill it is registering in at -34 right now. That is way too cold for my liking......other than running to the office this morning, I have had an "AT HOME" day! Right now I am getting to work in my craft room, making my first Door Hanger by request for a special birthday boy!

Tomorrow we are celebrating Aiden's 5th birthday...I can't believe he is already turning five! Why do kids have to grow up so darned fast?!? His mommy has a fun home party planned for him and all his little friends and this afternoon we spent the afternoon getting ready for it, decorating, filling the pinata, and getting food ready. I know that tomorrow will be a blast!

Mister D is hard at work on his apprenticeship and loving it so far. He is hoping to head to school in April and should be a journeyman Pickertruck operator in July-ish. He is anxious to carry on to mobile crane after that.

Monday I start my full time job in the office, working as an office administrator for a local company. I am excited to start and get back out into the world of grown ups and feel productive. Can't wait for the paycheques too, of course!

Creative Xpressions is busy as well, and I am loving that too. I will have time to create and fill orders in the evenings and on weekends again and am excited for some weddings I have coming up! I am currently working on two birthday parties as well!

That's about all that is new to report today......the weekend will be busy and our next new routine will begin Monday morning bright and early! I have to be in the office for 8AM and with a 45-60 minute commute my days are about to get crazy :)

Chow for now.....I shall get back to my ink!

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